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Sports Concussions

Thoughts About Concussions in Sports

Dr. Peter Halas, Founder of Pediatric Consultations

1.6 to 3 million sports concussions occur each year, with the following youth sports being where concussions are most prevalent:

1. Football
2. Girls Soccer
3. Girls Basketball


  • 20% of athletes who play contact sports will sustain a concussion in any given year. Sports that are considered contact sports include football, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, hockey, rugby, boxing, wrestling and cycling.
  • Overall, girls have a higher rate of sports concussions than boys.
  • Concussions can cause short and long term sequelae, which is a condition which is the consequence of a previous disease or injury.


Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have published the development of a new and better helmet lining material, which uses stacked carbon nanotubes that dissipate 30 times the force of current liners in both linear and rotational acceleration.

This technology should lead to a much needed and safer helmet for use in sports.


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