Pediatric Consultations Jersey Shore NJ

Primary Care Mental Health

Primary Care Mental Health Jersey Shore NJ

Due to the enormous number of children and young adults suffering with mental health issues, along with the shortage of child psychiatrists, it has been recommended that pediatricians contribute to the care of these patients. 

Pediatricians can provide early and timely access, which is so important to the success of treatment. With his experience, Dr. Peter Halas is able to offer timely access to mental health care, including careful diagnostic evaluation, motivational interviewing, shared medical decision making, medication management and referrals for counselling.

Again, from his experience, the approach by Dr. Halas to those dealing with anxiety is unique, describing it as an overflow of two good things; too much brain and too much heart. For patients with multiple diagnoses, multiple medications and severe impact on their lives, Dr. Halas will work on expedited referrals to a psychiatrist.

Pediatric Consultations Jersey Shore NJ
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