Pediatric Consultations Jersey Shore NJ


Pediatric Consultations

Pediatric Consultations Jersey Shore NJ

Pediatric Consultations was founded by Dr. Peter Halas, who has more than 45 years of active general pediatric practice. Dr. Halas (more commonly known as Dr. Pete) has continually received appreciation and gratitude from patients and parents alike for his management and treatment of Attention Deficit Disorder. His concept and approach, developed over many years, is that ADHD is not a deficit or a disorder but is instead part of our human gene pool. However, the difficulties of people with attention issues in modern society are real and considerable, yet treatable and manageable.

Pediatric Consultations Jersey Shore NJ

Dr. Halas feels that any person with attention issues needs, deserves and benefits greatly from proper diagnosis that includes consideration of any additional issues. Dr. Halas will also provide documentation for any necessary accommodations and referrals for counseling. If needed, active meticulous medication management will be provided.

As the principal investigator for two studies of a medication for Autism that achieved fast track FDA status, Dr. Halas has done extensive research on Autism and takes great pride and pleasure in helping families dealing with spectrum issues.

Additional areas of expertise that are offered by Dr. Peter Halas and Pediatric Consultations include Sports Medicine and Primary Care Mental Health. School, Sport and Camp Physicals are also available if needed.

About Dr. Peter Halas

Dr. Peter Halas Pediatric Consultations

Dr. Peter Halas was born in Chicago as the first of the seven children to Pete and Dee Halas. The Halas family soon after relocated to Fairfield, Connecticut, where he attended high school at Fairfield College Preparatory School. At Fairfield Prep, he played football, basketball and track, and he was school representative in the area high school king contest.

Dr. Halas then received a full academic scholarship to Fairfield University, where he studied Biology and Pre-Med. He also played freshman basketball and four years of football during college. He soon earned his Bachelors of Science Degree in Biology, also receiving the Gallagher Theology Award. Upon graduation from Fairfield University, Dr. Halas went on to achieve his MD from Loyola University Chicago’s Stritch School of Medicine while on a Navy Scholarship.

Dr. Peter Halas Pediatric Consultations

Pediatric residency at the Naval Hospital in Portsmouth, Virginia, was followed by assignment to the Submarine Base in Groton, Connecticut. Dr. Halas especially enjoyed the Navy Sports Program, earning softball and flag football championships.

45 years of busy pediatric general practice was followed by a short retirement and now the opening of Pediatric Consultations, where Dr. Halas focuses on attention and spectrum issues.

Peter and Mary Doyle Halas have enjoyed 49 years of marriage, four children and now 10 grandchildren. Working as a team together in the office, coaching and attending the events of their children and extended family while volunteering and doing some traveling, especially for Irish cultural efforts, have kept them busy over the years.

The Halas football tradition has also been a strong influence. Dr. Halas’ grandfather, Walter, was head coach of baseball and basketball while serving as a football assistant and backfield coach (Rockne, the four horseman) at Notre Dame. His brother, George, was a player, coach and owner of the Chicago Bears, also co-founding the National Football League. In his honor, the NFC Championship Trophy is called the George Halas Trophy to this day. Further cementing the strong family football tradition is Pete Halas, Dr. Halas’ dad, who was the Bears opponent scout for 40 years.

Dr. Halas is also a dedicated philanthropist. Some of his community activities include being a Sea Girt Councilman, where he focuses on beach and environmental committees, and as the VP of the Sea Girt Lighthouse Citizens Committee. Additionally, he serves as the Chairman of the Irish American Cultural Institute.

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