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Thoughts About Attention

Some Thoughts About Attention

Dr. Peter Halas, Founder of Pediatric Consultations

In this first installment of our Thoughts Series, I would like to describe an early patient encounter that has encouraged me throughout my career to help young people with “ADD” (Attention Deficit Disorder).

About 40 years ago, the parents of a 4th grader brought him to see me because he was flunking everything in school. He seemed bright enough but exhibited most of the symptoms of ADD. He qualified for the diagnosis, and his parents and I decided to begin a trial of medication.

Ritalin was chosen, and I fine-tuned his dosage and time coverage for effectiveness without side effects. He soon began to do very well in class all the way through high school, eventually scoring a 1600 on his SAT before heading off to Georgia Tech to become an engineer.

Meanwhile, back to his 4th grade year. His father had mentioned that he was an engineer who wished that he could finish projects better. I referred him to an adult neurologist who then treated him for ADD. A few months later, he thanked me and stated that the first “civil conversation” he ever had with his son was when they were both on medication.

In summary, ADD has a genetic component. Those affected can be extremely bright, although it can affect them in both school and life. With treatment, however, patients can overcome a lot of those adverse effects and ultimately become very successful in whatever they persue.


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