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Adolescents with ADHD

Some Thoughts About Adolescents with ADHD

Dr. Peter Halas, Founder of Pediatric Consultations

In the latest installment of our Thoughts Series, I am going to summarize an excellent article by Timothy Wilens MD in ADDitude Magazine.


  • Especially in ADHD, the frontal cortex (executive function, impulse control), which continues to develop until age 25, is not developed enough to regulate the already developed limbic system (emotion, risk taking).
  • Adolescents are presented with increasing demands in their academics, sports, extracurriculars and socialization, in addition to developing self-identity and independence.
  • ADHD adolescents are at higher risk for anxiety, depression, substance use and car accidents.


As shown in studies, all of the above can be significantly improved with early and continued appropriate therapy for ADHD. Such therapy can include school accommodations, counselling, ongoing treatment for comorbid diagnoses and medication. ADHD adolescents on medication have been shown to display lower incidences of all the above.

Recommendation: For adolescents on ADHD medication, make sure they do their driving on their medication.


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